Previously on “Everyday Leadership”: Leading from the Middle

On “Everyday Leadership” Dan discusses how to distinguish the difference between an authority figure and being a leader. John Baldoni is an internationally recognized leader in leadership and communications, and leadership speaker. He is the founder of Baldoni Consulting. Mr. Baldoni will be on to discuss his book “Lead your Boss: The Subtle Art of … Continued

On “Everyday Leadership”: Spread the Cheer

The hustle and bustle of the holiday season is in full swing, and to keep the spirit alive we will have a very Christmas show this Saturday. This Holiday Season on “Everyday Leadership” Dan will be talking to Wayne Bronner from the Bronner’s Christmas store. How does such a store keep the spirit alive all … Continued

“Everyday Leadership”: Live a Simple Life

On “Everyday Leadership” listen in to hear how to live you life simply. With Christmas quickly approaching, and only a few days left to get in some last minute shopping, have we taken the consumer culture too far? Juilet Schor author and professor at Boston College will be on to discuss her books Born to … Continued

Recently on “Everyday Leadership”: Ergonomics in the Workplace

So check out this office. I mean how cool is this and does it surprise you that it’s at the Red Bull Office (in London)? On “Everyday Leadership” Dan discussed ergonomics in the workplace. Ergonomics is the science of designing a workplace environment that fits the user, making the workplace comfortable and productive. Dr. Anthony … Continued

On “Everyday Leadership”: Be Real and Daily Leaders

Recently on “Everyday Leadership” Dan discussed his book “Be Real: Inspiring Stories for Leading at Home and Work” and has some contributors to his weekly Reading for Leading on. Dan will also explore what attraction marketing is, how one can brand themselves, and mold themselves into their ideal image. Heard were the voices of “Speak … Continued

Recently on “Everyday Leadership”: Coaching Lessons and Giving Thanks

It’s time to give thanks on the “Everyday Leadership” show! With Thanksgiving kicking off the holiday season, Dan talked with different experts on the different ways someone can show their gratitude. From respecting your peers to positive thinking, there are many ways for you to show appreciation and thanks. Dan will also discussed the wisdom … Continued

On “Everyday Leadership”: Triumphs of Human Service Work

On “Everyday Leadership” Dan discussed the work of human service workers, and the contributions they make to the community. The Executive Director of the Mid-Michigan Ronald McDonald House, Lisa Gnass, was on to discuss the work of this nationally recognized charity in the Capital.  The Mid-Michigan house has been in the Lansing area for ten … Continued

Previously on “Everyday Leadership”: The New Guy on the Block

Recently on “Everyday Leadership” Dan has Michael Patrick Sheils on to discuss his new book “Invite Yourself to the Party.” Hear how Michael made his way through life and his career by being in the right place at the right time. Learn how crashing an event and speaking to the right person could change your … Continued

Previously on “Everyday Leadership”: Start-ups and Local Entrepreneurs

On “Everyday Leadership” Dan discussed start-ups and local entrepreneurs. The show included an owner of a local sports store, State Director of Small Business and Technology Development Centers, and a Michigan State Grad who started a world wide web phenomenon. Curt Munson owner of the Okemos Playmakers was on with Dan to discuss how he … Continued