On “Everyday Leadership”: Be Real and Daily Leaders

Recently on “Everyday Leadership” Dan discussed his book “Be Real: Inspiring Stories for Leading at Home and Work” and has some contributors to his weekly Reading for Leading on. Dan will also explore what attraction marketing is, how one can brand themselves, and mold themselves into their ideal image.

Heard were the voices of “Speak Strong” and “Tony from Kzoo” who leave frequent comments on the site, and have had such comments added to Dan’s book. They will bring to the table their favorite RFL’s and what they found inspiring about them, and how others could use the tips within to lead their lives.

We also heard from Mariam MacGregor the founder of youthleadership.com and author of “Building Everyday Leadership in All Teens.” Dan thought it would be interesting to get her perspective on everyday leadership, to compare and contrast the different “Everyday Leadership” styles.