Previously on “Everyday Leadership”: Leading from the Middle

On “Everyday Leadership” Dan discusses how to distinguish the difference between an authority figure and being a leader.

John Baldoni is an internationally recognized leader in leadership and communications, and leadership speaker. He is the founder of Baldoni Consulting. Mr. Baldoni will be on to discuss his book “Lead your Boss: The Subtle Art of Managing Up.”

Dan will also have a Michigan Talk Network favorite on to discuss how he led as a middle man. Michael Patrick Shiels talks of leading in the media, and how to learn how to be passionate about the topic at hand, how to know your audience, and how to balance a message you are passionate about, and the one your organization feels strongly about.

Former Mayor of Lansing David Hollister, and now heading up a non-profit created by msu to more fully engage the university with community development. Mr. Hollister will be on discussing stories from his mayorship and how he helped local kids lead up in their community. How his community involvement helped in empowering those who haven’t any authority in making the big decisions.

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