Help Me Build Wisdom About Leadership

Today’s Read2Lead is different than nearly anything I’ve written.  I REALLY want feedback and have one supposition and one question for you.  I would like to write more about this (here but also in wider forums), and I am looking for you to help me think about this. Supposition:  We all know and would hide … Continued

What if more of us were like these 3 amazing #2s?

I have been exclusively coaching pairs, almost always the top two in their organizations. Typically I begin by “onboarding” them in the sense that the two will retreat with me for a couple days – after they have been working together for just a few months, or sometimes right from the get-go.  I help them … Continued

Leading Through Transitions Part 4

The wonderful Bob from Okemos calls in to send Dan off and wish him well. Bob was a frequent caller of the “Everyday Leadership” show, offering words of wisdom and a different perspective.

Leadership Through Transitions Part 1

Dan starts the second hour of his final show with some of his favorites. Kathi Elster and Katherine Crowley of K Squared Enterprises, are back on to help co-host the show. Dan’s wife, Governor Jennifer Granholm, was also on to help send the “Everyday Leadership” show off.

Carol Evans of Working Mother Media

Dan talks with Carol Evans the President of Working Mother Media. They discuss her continuing research on working mothers, and her publication Working Mother Magazine.