Dan has spoken to an extraordinary array of audiences – from auto executives to health care managers, from non-profit teams to educators to women to teachers. His wide array of life experiences and professional experiences have given him a vast background to tap, but it’s also taught him that every group is unique. So, he does not recycle generic material or fly by the seat of his pants.  Instead, he always learns about his audience – from web research, discussions with those who hire him, and then canvassing the room when he arrives to meet people and literally hear their voices. He talks about the importance of culture, and walks the walk by learning the culture into which he in invited.

This list is not exhaustive but indicates groups to whom Dan has spoken over the past two years:

  • School leaders – superintendents, principals, teachers and staff
  • Women leaders in many fields
  • Human resources executives and managers – especially work work-life balance issues
  • Project management specialists
  • Work force training specialists
  • Labor-management executives
  • Small business owners and executives

Dan can provide specific references for these and many other audiences.