Gandhi December Wisdom

In these doubly busy times, I’m striving to keep it simple. Here’s my favorite quote from Mohandas Gandhi and a few quick thoughts about it: “The more efficient a force is, the more silent and the more subtle it is. Love is the subtlest force in the world.” I don’t know about you, but I want … Continued

Simple Inspiration

I first met Barbara Lee ten years ago.  My wife had been talking about this amazing woman who was relentlessly dedicated to identifying, recruiting, supporting, and coaching great women to run for elective office.  Jennifer doesn’t think she’d have gotten elected without Barbara’s encouragement and energy. Jennifer was far from Barbara’s only beneficiary.  Barbara Lee … Continued

Monday Inspiration from Bones and Lefty

Are you, as I am in middle age, drawn to enchanted memories of early years? I can see, even smell certain places I haven’t been in 40 years. So my brother Pat repeatedly says to me, “Danny, we’ve got to go back and play Birmingham [Country Club].” He and I caddied there. We spent hundreds … Continued

What’s YOUR Style of Everyday Leadership?

  Our marvelous friend Jeanne Gallo invited six of her husband’s law school classmates from ’86, and Jennifer and me, and our spouses and children to their summer cottage for the 4th of July. She had no idea when she issued the invites that tragedy would intervene. Three weeks ago Jeanne’s sister found their mom … Continued

What Can You Learn About Your Core Leadership – What can you tell me about mine?

What Can You Learn About Your Leadership – What can you tell me about mine [audio:] Friends, I suggest two simple actions, which reverse the points in the title of this week’s Reading for Leading. First, tell me how I can improve what I do with Reading for Leading.  The survey will take about 2 minutes … Continued

Leading When the Lines Are All Blurred

Friends, Have you ever thought about all the lines that have been erased in the last 50 years?  It hit me when I was listening to a story about the number and impact of “soldier bloggers” in Iraq and Afghanistan.  Technology has eliminated the line between journalists and troops, and the line between commanders and … Continued

Oxymoron for the week – Everyday Leadership Superstar

Friends, Leadership lessons often leap from the world of sports.  And so often, NOT!  Today, a big NOT.  I opened a news site’s sports page, it was about playoffs, and typically, it was all about stars: Kevin Durant of Oklahoma City and the showdown between Joe Thornton of the Sharks (boo!) and Ryan Kessler of … Continued

Revolutionary Leadership

Revolutionary Leadership Friends, On one day a year millions around the world exalt a tale of Insanely Revolutionary Leadership.  Every three or four years, I reprise it in RFL.  And if we tell and hear the story right, everyone is invited to practice revolutionary everyday leadership. Imagine the greatest leaders of our time: Obama, Putin, … Continued

People are People, Lead Anyway

Kent Keith was an unusual student at Harvard in the 1960s. He was a moderate – calling for change but within “the system!” He was also wise beyond his years, publishing and distributing 30,000 copies of a pamphlet about the aforementioned Paradoxical Commandments. The essence of his message was that the world is not especially kind to those who lead, but that leading is the way to create a life of meaning and purpose. To heck with what the others say! Lead anyway!