What Can You Learn About Your Core Leadership – What can you tell me about mine?

What Can You Learn About Your Leadership – What can you tell me about mine



I suggest two simple actions, which reverse the points in the title of this week’s Reading for Leading.

First, tell me how I can improve what I do with Reading for Leading.  The survey will take about 2 minutes but will help me greatly to write on topics you want.  It may also lead to me writing some specific pieces on topics that not everyone is interested in but some may find particularly valuable e.g., family, faith or politics.  I thank you in advance and remind you that I am always open to feedback through the comments section or through a simple email “reply.”  Here’s the link.

And here’s the second suggested action:  seek some input yourself this week.  Here are some settings and simple questions as a starting point:

  • At a staff meeting ask your reports, “What can I do to help us?”
  • At a one-on-one direct report meeting — maybe over coffee or lunch — ask simply, “How can I help you do your job better?” and “How can I help you enjoy your job more?”
  • With your manager ask, “Are there ways you can see that I can contribute more or better to the team or to our work?”
  • With your significant other you could ask, “What can I do to contribute to you better?”
  • With your kids ask,”If there was one thing you wish I would stop doing with or to you what would it be?”  And, “Is there anything I can do to help you to be more successful and happy?”
  • With parents you might ask:  “Mom/Dad is there anything I can do for you to keep you wild and alive?”

The feedback might be surprising.  This is leadership at its most simple level, knowing what others need so you can

Lead with your best self!