A Leadership Lesson from the McCain School

Maybe it’s not just us humans. “Monkey see. Monkey do,” we used to say to each other as kids. But as humans, we can raise our leadership skills by reflecting on those who excel at it.  The passing of John McCain has set many to ask, “just what should we take away from such an … Continued

Wo! Check Yourself

I thought of myself as confident yet humble. I suppose I was, at least as best I could be.  In retrospect…not so humble!   I remember taking a course with Ron Heifetz at Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government, back in 1984 or 1985. We were assigned to a group of about 9 students and we met … Continued

The Subordinate Partner Speaks Out on Partnership

This belongs to the general series on the incredible power of partnership — of “paired leadership.”  And this is the last for now in the mini-series on “leading a subordinate to partnership.” The first 4 are all available at danmulhern.com/category/reading-for-leading.  I have been writing about helping lead a subordinate to become a partner. And last … Continued

How to Lead a Subordinate to Become a Partner – Part 4 (last)

This is a continuing series on “paired leadership” generally, and the last of 4 on creating a partnership with one who is subordinate to you.  My launching point for this series has been how, for well over a decade, my oldest daughter and I were much more adversarial than mutually supportive. I wrap up this … Continued

How to Lead a Subordinate to Become a Partner – Part 1

Continuing thoughts on “paired leadership” – 2nd in an ongoing series. As I wrote last week, in some key paired leadership situations there are pure equals, like spouses and co-founders.  But sometimes your paired leader or partner is “beneath” you in the hierarchy.  You are each vital to the team and organization, and of course, … Continued

A Resolution to Change A Life

Happy New Year . . . and to help make it so . . . I will be writing much of this year on the topic that has for three years completely seized my imagination, my research, teaching, client practice, and family life.  Paired Leadership.  Pairs — sometimes pure equals like spouses, co-founders, co-ceos.  Pairs … Continued