Formal Coaching for Extraordinary Performance

Last week I shared the research on the huge gap that lies between the frequency of ideal and typical coaching.  What your feedback on my survey showed was that  most of us would like informal feedback once a week or at least every other week, while the highest percentage of people said that their “worst manager” and … Continued

When the Data on Coaching Whacks You Upside the Head

Thanks to almost 200 of you who responded to last week’s survey, we have some pretty interesting data to look at over the next couple weeks.  Today’s data — as my title suggests — gives us all a whack in terms of the contrast in the data.  Here is a pretty self-explanatory table: So the … Continued

How Bosses Have the Wrong Idea About Coaching Their Peeps

Last week I was teaching the principles and practice of “coaching” at an “executive boot camp” and these women and men were good. I asked for volunteers to give me feedback and the two who took turns were s-m-o-o-o-t-h.  They complimented me first and made me comfortable before delivering the coaching that I requested. One … Continued

How to avoid defensiveness and to learn instead

Last week I wondered out loud with you how you help others to take feedback constructively, rather than defensively. And I also asked: how do you help yourself to be so open to growth. THANKS to the 55 people who responded . . . with quite a remarkable array of thoughts.  Here are the most … Continued

Help Write Today’s RFL On Openness and Growth

Today, I ask two questions, seeking your input — both to get you to engage in the question I’m asking (gosh that sounds pedantic), and so you can help us learn from a broad group about an important issue.  I write RFL and teach students with one constant assumption:  It’s not about whether you are … Continued

How Do You Get An Important and Challenging Partner to Listen

RFL Two weeks ago: really examine yourself before you start correcting someone else. RFL Last week: there is no reality, so “get” their reality. Their reality – their perceptions, recollections, evaluations — are completely independent of yours. Their view need not threaten you. Just GET IT and then many problems will go away. Now: You … Continued

What Can You Learn About Your Core Leadership – What can you tell me about mine?

What Can You Learn About Your Leadership – What can you tell me about mine [audio:] Friends, I suggest two simple actions, which reverse the points in the title of this week’s Reading for Leading. First, tell me how I can improve what I do with Reading for Leading.  The survey will take about 2 minutes … Continued

You Have No Idea (What They’re Thinking)

Friends, My friend Cheryl Polk said something to me I’ll never forget, “We share the same physical space,” she said, “but we don’t share the same psychological space.” Cheryl’s a psychologist, an African American woman, and she was shedding brilliant light for me on how the very diverse group of Kellogg National Fellows to which … Continued

Get Smart with Socrates

Friends, Like Socrates, I know one thing for sure:  I don’t know anything for sure.  The cool thing about “not knowing” is that you’re always learning.  I learned a TON last week, and I want to share three quickies with you.  I hope they help you see that whatever ignorance, lack, uncertainty, or emptiness you … Continued