Leading Towards Peace and Justice

I am beginning a week’s silent spiritual retreat, so this will be short. In my native spiritual tongue, let me say that I will “pray” for you, and I ask you to pray for me. (If you’re more comfortable with “sending positive energy” that’s great, too.)

david brown dallas police chief
Last week was horrible.
Let’s all pray — and act — to include, seek justice, offer peace, and calm healing, especially for those victimized in these ongoing bursts of violence.
Let’s pray for the boys and men who seem so bereft of faith, hope and love that they feel justified in killing others.
Let’s recommit to do what we can, and
Lead with our best selves.

  • Good thoughts toward you, Dan – the world needs prayers, thoughts, positive energy — whatever we can muster at this point.


  • Thank you Dan for your heart felt comments. I too am praying for our brothers & sisters for guidance in these troubled times. Paz

  • It is hard to understand how it can be going so wrong when so many embrace right; love, kindness, caring, civility, responsibility, family, patriotism…..praying.

  • Prayers don’t seem to work but it is sad people believes in killing others. People kill love ones, enemies, strangers, just anyone to satisfy their need for violence or greed. And no president will be able to stop this insanity only make promises. The government needs to have a day of the year, annually to honor all victims of violence. God Bless, you and your love ones, Dan

    • Patricia, I sure understand why you feel prayers aren’t working! And you are so right that politicians make promises they can’t or won’t keep. This isn’t a new idea, but maybe we need to work a whole lot harder at understanding each other in this country. You are on to a wonderful idea about a holiday to honor victims of this unspeakable violence! In Dallas today, I heard that 2 groups were protesting. One group was Black Lives Matter and the other All Lives Matter. Guess what? The leaders of each group walked into the middle of the street and found common ground. That gave me goosebumps.

  • “Long hot summer,” is the thought that comes to mind. 1964, 1965. Dr. King. John. Bobby. And then 1968, and Vietnam, the end of Vietnam War, Watergate. Who do we trust? Is that why we pray? Is faith, of necessity, beyond human capacity alone?

  • Dan, I need to do the same. I am praying for you as you make this retreat and thank you for your take on the unconscionable violence happening in this country. I will continue to pray for our country, especially for anyone who feels invisible or worse yet, a target. Was at The Ark Friday night with Peter Yarrow. Gained much wisdom, as always from that veg sweet soul of his. There is hope, one person at a time.

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