A Governor’s Story

Dan Mulhern and Gov. Granholm’s latest book “A Governor’s Story” is now available! A candid account by Michigan’s charismatic, controversial former governor of reckoning with the profound economic challenges her state—and the country—face. Release Date: 9/20/11 Jennifer Granholm was the two-term governor of Michigan, a state synonymous with manufacturing during a financial crisis that threatened … Continued

Arnold could learn something from Dan

The Detroit News If any political couple had a right to lash out at Arnold Schwarzenegger for fathering a child with a member of his household staff, it is former Gov. Jennifer Granholm and her husband Daniel Mulhern. Not only do the two former governors have a lot in common — both could have been … Continued

NEWSWEEK OPINION: How to Be a Real Man

Dan Mulhern responds to Newsweek’s cover on the “Beached White Male.” The old rules don’t work—as I’ve learned being married to a powerful woman. Here’s what I’m telling our son about modern manhood Editor’s note: Mulhern is married to star Democrat Jennifer Granholm, the former governor of Michigan. After reading NEWSWEEK’S April 26 cover on how … Continued

Check out Dan’s new and evolving project

www.StrongMenSpeak.com is the go-to site for creative ideas, research, and a place for your voice, as we explore men’s phenomenal opportunity to change and grow in a world that has dramatically changed around them. Visit www.StrongMenSpeak.com for more information.

Don’t Miss The Be Real Book Signing in Grand Rapids!

Join Dan for his book signing this Saturday, Dec. 11 at Schuler Books and Music in Grand Rapids! In Be Real, Dan offers short written pieces that break open leadership and offer practical angles on how to do it better. Don’t miss your chance to buy a book and get it signed!  As you search … Continued

So, Say You Want to Offer Someone Some Coaching

Friends, With the publication of my new book, Be Real last week I thought I’d try something new: a video version of Reading for Leading.  It’s one of my absolute favorite ideas – with credit to my friends at PMP in Bingham Farms – on how to coach your kids, boss, team members, even your … Continued

Previously on Everyday Leadership radio

Last Week: Bad Bosses – micromanagers, deceivers, and bullies We follow last week’s show on “great bosses” with this one on the hellions who infect our work lives. How do they do it, why do they do it, and what can you do about it? You can take our survey or just see the results. … Continued

Previously on Everyday Leadership Radio

The daily tasks at work are hard enough, but what do you do when you have the added challenges of things such as Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) or depression slowing you down? Tune in to the podcast and learn ways to cope with additional challenges at work from our expert guests. Authors Fawn Fitter and Beth … Continued