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  • I would like to thank Dan for the letter to his son Jack. I am new single parent w 3 sons. I am trying to teach them that men are well rounded human beings and that respect for humanity trumps macho-ness. SO thank you for expanding the conversation in the mainstream. It means that it is more readily acceptable to be a “modern man”

  • To be a male is a matter of birth, To be a Man is a matter of Choice!
    Maturity doesn’t come with age, it comes with taking responsibility for your actions.
    The Choice of being a man is Choosing the path of courage. Courage to Face your fears. Courage to be faithful. Courage to step up for values and principles in the midst of adversity.

    What this world needs is not primarrily males with a lot of talent, But faithful man with characther! The strength of a Man lies in the quallity of his Spirit and Characther.

    In the corporate world there is a lot of striving with people that got lots of talent, yet they lack developed character to be precise at work when it starts at 7.00 am.

    Its better to employ a male with less talent yet with characther and the willingnes to learn, than employing a giftet male that lacks characther (e.g. Clay in the hands of the potter. As long as it is maluble its useable!).

    So, when aiming for manhood, keeping in mind some of the following principles can be usefull, when applied:

    1. Ballance is the key to life
    2. Exchange is the process of life
    3. Unity is the place of power in life
    4. Communication is the basis of life

    Mediocre men settle for good which is the oposite of Best!
    Mediocre men will not make decissions because they don’t want to be accountable!
    Many males want responsibility without accountabilit, keeping them in the realm of mediocrity.
    A Man accepts responsibilIty But not without accountability!

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