What Would You Tattoo . . . On Your Heart

Perhaps you have read of Fr. Gregory Boyle, S.J.  Boyle has been working (LEADING!) in Los Angeles for thirty years, dedicated to Homeboy Industries, “the largest gang intervention, rehabilitation and re-entry program in the world.” In his two books, he frequently introduces the “homies” (as he and they refer to themselves) by referencing aspects of … Continued

Abuse Authority Leadership – Us

Two stories this week scream to those in authority and to those without authority- and I would guess that we are all both. In different contexts, we are with and without authority.  The stories confront us with the worst of human nature and of the need for vigilance. We only have time for one story.  … Continued

2018 How to Tap a New Source for Leading

I have one question that I think might make your 2018 dramatically better and also more fun. First I begin with a question, then a quick story, then the might be mighty part of the story. The Question:  “What could happen in 2018 for which you would say a year from now, ‘Wow, that was awesome,’ … Continued