3 W’s to a Great Year

  • Great post, Dan. Love that you are off to a great new year – and helping me to do the same. Although I don’t think playing the guitar in public will ever be in my future!

  • Dan,
    Happy New Year and congratulations on 18 years of leadership articles! I like your new format, but it needs captioning. I’ve seen it on news videos and found it effective. As the speaker waxes eloquent, his or her words appear on the screen to be read by those (like me) with some difficulty hearing and comprehending the spoken word. (I hate cocktail parties because I can’t understand what anyone is saying.) I believe comprehension is improved because you read, hear, and pick up on the emotional tones in your voice. I think online lectures (even TED talks) would be more popular if they were accurately captioned. cGvHD has stolen not only my breathing, but some of my vision and hearing acuity. (I’m also older than you — I will 68 in a few days!) I love reading, but reading on a screen gets more difficult as you get older, and I like having the voice and facial expressions. That would be a WIN for 2018. Best wishes from an old bag of WIND who posted this on a WHIM!

  • Happy New Year Dan nice to see and hear you. Now here’s a thought for all my bewildered and frustrated cousins in the US: There will be a better life after the demise of the tweeting chump!!!

  • I like the video format. As a former photographer I would recommend setting the camera back a little further and then zooming it in a little to get same head size in frame. This would give a more natural perspective for your face, which in this video is slightly distorted; made to look like it is buldged out as in a fun house mirror. It is slight but it is not a perspective that matches the way we see normally. Also, the background seems to move about as you move. I have no explanation for that. That is the visual. The sound is good to my ears. Your tone of voice and speech quality is easy to listen to. And the message it good.

  • I like this! I think the video is a nice format. I go back and forth on using video, but i think you do it well here. I think the content is engaging… the wind part is a little not connected for me… For me, and this is just subjective of course, i’d flesh it out more as headwinds you’ll face and importantly, the wind at your back you’ll use. Who are those people that will be the wind at your back (i will NOT break into Bette Midler Wind Beneath My Wings here….) that will drive you to great things. And who can you be the wind for… i like the metaphor a lot.

    I’m a big fan of “whim.”

    Also, i don’t think you’re in your fourth quarter yet 🙂

  • Thanks Ken, David, Elwin, Craig, and Mark John! I appreciate the feedback on all levels. Ken, I’m especially glad to hear you don’t think I’m in the fourth quarter. Maybe I should push that beginning back to 75 . . . and shoot for 100! Much appreciation to all of you.

  • Hi Dan and Happy New Year!

    My 12 cents on this are:

    -Great to see your face and hear your voice! As a former student it invites back memories of the many lessons in the classroom and you’ve got a good voice for communicating positive leadership lessons.

    -Mixture is good. Having a video now and then coupled with the written emails is nice for switching things up.

    -Good length. Self explanatory, I liked the length of the video.

    I am trying very hard to think of something critical to help you improve the video but I can’t think of anything!

    It’s been 3 years now since I took your course at Cal and your Everyday Leadership Lessons are still a great read.


  • Sorry, Dan, I can’t get You Tube up on my phone. I tried all week. I’ll have to wait until I can make it to the library to watch your video.

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