Lists for those who love em – and those of us who should

3 mini-stories today on the power of lists, with great thanks to my good teachers: Eve, Uncle John, and Ivana. 1. Every Monday I share my list of top3 goals with my accountabilibuddy,” Eve.  Last month we hit our 100th week of exchanging by email our top 3 goals for the week ahead (as well … Continued

Learn The Other F Word

95% of America (and 80% of my household) watches the oddballs like me and they wonder: How can you guys possibly sit there and watch golf on TV? B-O-R-I-N-G!  But if watching golf must have some redeeming value, I will say that watching The Masters this weekend completely coincided with a line I read in a … Continued

Not You

Here’s a simple thought — maybe for the week. Maybe for the day.  Maybe for just now: What if you forget about everything YOU have to do this week? Forget about your top 3 goals (What, you don’t write your top 3 goals every week?). Forget about the change you want to effect. Forget about … Continued