Not You

Here’s a simple thought — maybe for the week. Maybe for the day.  Maybe for just now:

What if you forget about everything YOU have to do this week?

Forget about your top 3 goals (What, you don’t write your top 3 goals every week?).

Forget about the change you want to effect.

Forget about all the things on your to-do list.

And think about Not You, about what you can effect through others!!!

I mean, they’re all out there, like you, with the world on their shoulders.

What if you lifted a little bit of the load off someone’s shoulders?

What if you paid close enough attention to point out a shorter route to their destination?

What if you helped them see that they’re carrying a little more than they need to, or straining more than they need to, or taking the load further than they must?

What if you just clapped for them for a minute?

Heck, they’re going hard, so maybe if you just help them a little, they’ll get way further, way easier, way happier.

Don’t worry.  You won’t forget what the kids say these days, “You do you.”  Heck, try to not “do you” and see how long you can do it.

But you might do more, happier, surprisingly if you you realize it’s Not You — not always – not when you

Lead with your best self.

  • As always Dan you do a great job to make one self reflect on the daily routine that impacts how individuals lead and the impact their actions have on others.

  • Dan, I am reminded of something Rick Warren said: “Humility is not thinking less of yourself, it’s thinking of yourself less.” Mayhaps that might apply here. Hope you had a fine Easter!

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