Seriously, Who Are You Waiting For? Get out your pen for this.

I teach my students: “Kill the leader.” I don’t mean it literally! I mean kill the THE — like there’s really one leader. What a stupid idea. And kill the idea that I invite you to re-kill today: Who (are) you waiting for — whose inactivity justifies your passivity. I like it better without the … Continued

How You Can Lead With Courage

I sat next to Carolyn, a retired history teacher on a plane out of DC last week.  She’s got a cool job: between February and June, she leaves her home in Dayton almost every week and heads to DC or Williamsburg or sometimes Boston, where she teaches visiting 5th or 8th graders about American history.  … Continued

How to Grow Your Leadership Mindset

Carol Dweck a long-time Stanford psychologist burst onto the scene with Mindset: The New Psychology of Success at the end of 2007.  It’s been around for a long while, it will be around for a much longer while, and I finally got around to reading it. I think it is THE simplest yet possibly THE … Continued

How Everyday Leadership Turns Magnificent

(I am interpreting, fairly I hope, an incident that happened this past Thursday night. For insight from one of the principals, you can watch a Detroit Free Press interview here.) It usually starts bad. Often, really bad. Like this past Thursday: Two guys come up behind my friend as he’s walking towards his door.  We’re … Continued

The Dress and Success as a Leader”>fun

The dress to the left has become the hottest mess in the west. While to many it certainly appears to be gold and white, to others it’s blue and black. Really. I mean, really.  You may think this is a joke, because you so clearly see blue and black.  Or you may think this is … Continued