Make it Your Best Year End — Ever

On this my 56th year end, I commit to: 1. Going to a coffee shop with just me and my notebook computer for at least 60 minutes. 2. Writing a stream of conscious list of thank you’s. I’m pretty sure my list will get to 100 at least, partly because I’ve been so blessed and … Continued

PROVE or IMPROVE – My pride in the 99

You can make the same shift as 99 students of whom I am greatly proud. They inspire me to make the same choice that I commend to you today. They chose to improve, rather than to prove. I’ve had a 100 undergrads this semester. I required that they take the Student Leadership Practices Inventory (360), … Continued

Leading — Into the Holidays – 5 Simple Tips

Leaders always lead in context. But context we forget. So, here are 5 simple reminders as our context is shorter days, dropping temperatures, and some mounting pressures. Finish strong by clarifying realistic yet stretch goals. Re-read that sentence and say out loud the most important word to you.  To me, it’s clarifying.  Clarity is the … Continued

Leading and Bias

As I thought about Reading for Leading this week, I asked someone, “Is there anything else to say about Ferguson?” They said, “No!” We’re weary, aren’t we? Weary of the ripping story we’ve had with us since the ’60s, since, well since the Civil War, well since Thomas Jefferson.  It’s the great American wound, the … Continued