Make it Your Best Year End — Ever

On this my 56th year end, I commit to:

1. Going to a coffee shop with just me and my notebook computer for at least 60 minutes.
2. Writing a stream of conscious list of thank you’s. I’m pretty sure my list will get to 100 at least, partly because I’ve been so blessed and partly because every night in 2014, I have exercised the capacity of my brain to see and articulate things I’m grateful for. So my thankful mind’s gotten strong and fluid.
My list will include whatever people, events, and moments of deep feeling arise in me.
This will be my gift to me, because I know from the research that gratitude generates happiness.
This in turn will be a gift to my family because happiness is contagious.

What will you do to end 2014 richly and/or begin 2015 as a leader stepping forward with some spring in your step?

How will you lead yourself or others with your best self?


p.s. This will be the last Reading for Leading (RFL) of 2014. Thanks to YOU for giving me purpose every Sunday night!

  • Great thoughts for the year end. A “Gratitude List” works wonders for me

    All the Best to you and your family


  • Just finished frosting and decorating 8 doz. cut out cookies with my grandkids 6 and 4. They always look forward to frosting cookies and eating ground bologna on scoops. Setting a tradition for them to carry on.
    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to your whole family.

  • And, thanks to you, Dan, for continuing to keep us on target with your thoughts/ideas/comments on leadership and leading. Happy New Year!

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