Everyday Leader on Vaca

I’m giving myself a two week vacation. I hope at some point(s) this summer you will also be a leader on vacation. I briefly reflect today on what that might mean, as I prepare myself for vaca (and then take next Monday off RFL entirely)! I was reminded last week of the roots of the … Continued

What Would you do if This Was Your First Day on the Job?

Many of my students are crossing the most significant life threshold beyond kindergarten.  They are starting real jobs.  One asked me to write about leadership for “new job jitters.” Initially, I thought the topic too narrow and my readership too old (oops, that doesn’t sound so PC, does it?). The more I thought about it, … Continued

Look Out Because the Buck Might Stop With You

The buck just might stop with you.  So, don’t pass it!!! A faulty ignition switch on a number of General Motors vehicles led to the deaths of at least 13 people.  The buck now sits with GM’s new CEO Mary Barra.  (The celebratory cakes honoring Ms. Barra, GM’s first female CEO were hardly sliced before … Continued

4 Simple Steps to a Way Better Week

I tell students that my class should be the best class they take at Berkeley. I know. Sounds arrogant. But I quickly explain the two reasons why. First, “the topic is YOU,” I tell them – “your leadership – and what’s more interesting than YOU?” Second, I say that it’s not about me, but about … Continued