Everyday Leader on Vaca

I’m giving myself a two week vacation. I hope at some point(s) this summer you will also be a leader on vacation. I briefly reflect today on what that might mean, as I prepare myself for vaca (and then take next Monday off RFL entirely)!

I was reminded last week of the roots of the word vacation.  They wind back down to the Latin, vaco, vacare, meaning to: “Be empty, be free from, be unoccupied, be idle, be vacant.” 

Like most everyday leaders I live full.  Full of purpose. Full of obligations. And some would probably rightly say, full of myself! Rather than being “unoccupied,” I’m not only occupied but often preoccupied, i.e., occupied with stuff before it’s even here!

So, I’m looking forward to being empty of my driving pursuits and plans and preoccupations. If I can become vacant, I wonder what will fill me up.  I’d like to be able to be quieter and a lot more open to:

  • How others, particularly my family, are rich and full.
  • How big places like Lake Michigan or starry Michigan skies might fill me.
  • How it feels to hear the call of work to fill or complete me, yet see if I can instead just be empty, and complete, as I am.

Hope you get some vaco, vacare of your own this summer.

Seems pretty vital if you’re gonna

Lead with your best self,



  • Have a wonderful time Dan! Notice how much in a habit the mind is on wanting to be full?! Empty is ok, empty is great. YOU are great just as you without being filled with anything at all during vacation.. Enjoy!

  • I’m with you Dan. In fact I think Leaders do “Vacation” when the opportunity presents itself. It actually makes for a good RFL the benefits of vacation for a leader. On vacation I can get new and quiet perspectives without the “right now demands of action” I can jot it down or not and follow up later and enjoy time with family. Besides you don’t want to be this great leader but, your family is giving you the jaundice eye (did i spell that right?) for not making time for them. That said enjoy yourself, make a splash and have fun. I see you’re on FB. I’ll check you out. Have a great time!!!!! I haven’t had one (a real one in a while, I’m hoping to do so this year too :-))

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