What To Do When Your People – You Among Them – Screw Up


Friends, What if you screwed up a lot? Made judgment calls that didn’t work.  Relied confidently on past experience only to find out that there were different variables at play this time.  What if your people messed up a lot, like missed their goal 70% of the time? So, consider this: last year only 23 … Continued

If You Want to Empower then Make the Medium the Message

Friends, On Wednesday, I had one of the most fun times I have ever had presenting to a group. Nate Butki invited me to speak on a panel in L.A. at the Great Places to Work Conference. If you’re not familiar with them, they’re the brains (and the heart) behind Fortune magazine’s January issue which features … Continued

Share your thoughts!

Dear Friends, There will be no “Reading for Leading” from me today. I encourage you, however, to hit the Comments button below should you wish to share any succinct thoughts you have that might help other readers to . . . Lead with your best self! Dan

If You Want to Lead Get Ready for This!

Friends, Think about a time when change was foisted upon you. How did you feel, and how did you find yourself reacting to the one who brought the change? Got it in your head? I asked my students last week to share in one-on-one conversations their answers to those questions. Then I asked them — … Continued

How Do You Model the Way – Check out the new Pope!

Friends, Have you been watching the new Pope? Like all great leaders — would that be YOU??? — he demonstrates a powerful sense of symbols to  model a way for others.  His actions remind me of the line attributed to the awesome spiritual leader, Mahatma Gandhi, “be the change you hope to see in the … Continued