How to Double Your Leadership Effectiveness

Friends,   In Sunday’s New York Times, the great novelist Elmore Leonard (University of Detroit High School, 1943) imagines what his father would say to Elmore’s mother about the current situation at the Vatican: “You see, we’re gonna have two popes at the same time — both infallible — and you don’t think there’s gonna … Continued

Lincoln, Washington, You – stature and leadership

Friends, To paraphrase Tina Turner, “What’s height got to do with it?”  Well, it seems like a lot.  When George Washington at 6’1″ served as first president he was literally a head taller than many of his cohorts: John Adams was 5’7″ and James Madison a diminutive 5’4″.  (Independence Hall in Philadelphia has a wonderful … Continued

She/he asks: What can we learn when things don’t go as expected?

Friends, My wife Jennifer, son Jack and I panted and fussed our way over the considerable hills of Oakland on Sunday.  Jen signed us up for a Terraloco run (“crazy earth”)  a 5K unlike any we’d experienced.  About 75 people met in the Leaning Tower Pizzeria in downtown Oakland, and they gave us all a … Continued

What Men Say, What Women Hear

Special 12th Anniversary Guest Column By Katherine Crowley and Kathi Elster We recently appeared on a late-night television show to promote our new book, Mean Girls at Work.  Our hosts, two male comedians, were very surprised to learn that women react to teasing, sparring and criticism very differently from men.  “When you insult or yell at one of … Continued