The CEO Speaks To You About Leadership

Friends, I asked the fascinating speaker: “But are all CEOs good? What about bad cultures and weak companies?”  Adam Bryant, author of The Corner Office:  Indispensable and Unexpected Lessons from CEOs on How to Lead and Succeed, responded that he had done plenty of pieces for the New York Times on the usual topics – CEO … Continued

The Most Powerful Way to Lead by Example

Friends, Are you in? All in? The authorized leader— with a title like “boss,” CEO, dad, teacher, principal — better be all in. They had better:   pick up littered paper, say hello to visitors as though they own the place, contribute generously to the non-profit they run, buy stock in the company they manage, … Continued

What You May Not Know About How Much They’re Paying Attention to You

Friends, I have been in positions for 29 of the last 31 years (exceptions: first year of law school and first year as a lawyer) when people supposedly had to pay attention to me.  I’ve run teams, coached clients, taught students and most important raised three kids.  So, they looked to me.  I’ve made lots … Continued

How Your Frustrations Could Become Your Guides

Friends, “What’s required appears to continually interfere with us getting what we want!” In an average day, I have a whole lotta wants: I want to be on time, and I am “required” to be in a traffic jam. I want my son to realize something obviously important – e.g., perspiration trumps inspiration – but … Continued