What Happens When Somebody Attacks You

[audio:https://danmulhern.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/04/What-Happens-When-Somebody-Attacks-You.mp3]   Friends, I have one story I’ll frame with three questions.  If you feel like it, comment on them when you’re finished reading. 1.   How important for everyday leadership at home and work is the phenomenon I will discuss? 2.   What’s your experience been? 3.   Do you think the issue is mostly just … Continued

With Maria Shriver – Architect of Change

  Friends, This week I am launching a new vehicle that will support and extend Reading for Leading.  It’s a video blog or v-log I will be publishing on a periodic basis at the site of my friend, MariaShriver.  These v-logs will alternate between topics — from  leading at the kitchen table to leading in … Continued

Dan Teams Up With Maria Shriver

Mulhern will be a regular contributor to Shriver’s blog (www.MariaShriver.com) as one of her Open Field Guides. Click to watch the video.

What Keeps You From Flying?

[audio:https://danmulhern.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/04/What-Keeps-You-From-Flying.mp3] Friends, What if you could fly, or maybe just consistently jump a little higher in life?  Would you follow me if I could show you  how to be a little bit better parent or boss or teacher or sales person?  One sure way is to find a thing you do that gets in your … Continued

What Can You Learn About Your Core Leadership – What can you tell me about mine?

What Can You Learn About Your Leadership – What can you tell me about mine [audio:https://danmulhern.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/04/What-Can-You-Learn-About-Your-Leadership-What-can-you-tell-me-about-mine.mp3] Friends, I suggest two simple actions, which reverse the points in the title of this week’s Reading for Leading. First, tell me how I can improve what I do with Reading for Leading.  The survey will take about 2 minutes … Continued

What Steve Jobs Got Wrong– And How You Can Get it Right

What Steve Jobs Got Wrong – And How You Can Get it Right [audio:https://danmulhern.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/04/What-Steve-Jobs-Got-Wrong-And-How-You-Can-Get-it-Right1.mp3] Friends, Two things evoke anger in me in leadership theory and in leadership life.  I despise lies (a topic for another day).  And I will always resist the Jerk-as-leader and those who apologize for him.  By Jerk, I mean the person … Continued