Leading Through Transitions Part 4

The wonderful Bob from Okemos calls in to send Dan off and wish him well. Bob was a frequent caller of the “Everyday Leadership” show, offering words of wisdom and a different perspective.

Leadership Through Transitions Part 1

Dan starts the second hour of his final show with some of his favorites. Kathi Elster and Katherine Crowley of K Squared Enterprises, are back on to help co-host the show. Dan’s wife, Governor Jennifer Granholm, was also on to help send the “Everyday Leadership” show off.

Carol Evans of Working Mother Media

Dan talks with Carol Evans the President of Working Mother Media. They discuss her continuing research on working mothers, and her publication Working Mother Magazine.

On “Everyday Leadership”:Positive Leadership and Transitions

Last week on “Everyday Leadership” Dan talked about what positive leadership means, and how life’s transitions, no matter size, can be beneficial to becoming a positive leader. Carol Evans President of Working Mother Media was on to talk about the company’s online magazine www.workingmother.com. Working Mother is the only national magazine that helps career-committed moms … Continued

I Own This Space!

Friends, Last week I suggested that charisma and the energy associated with it are vital tools, not just for big-stage political and business leaders, but for “everyday leaders.” I’ve been reading outside the leadership field for insight and came across a wonderful exercise in a book called Stage Presence by Jane Goodall.  I’ll quote it … Continued