On “Everyday Leadership”:Positive Leadership and Transitions

Last week on “Everyday Leadership” Dan talked about what positive leadership means, and how life’s transitions, no matter size, can be beneficial to becoming a positive leader.

Carol Evans President of Working Mother Media was on to talk about the company’s online magazine www.workingmother.com. Working Mother is the only national magazine that helps career-committed moms balance their personal and professional lives. Evans was on to talk with Dan about the positive image Mother’s in the workforce give their children, and how easy it can be to thrive in both worlds.

Dr. Anne Perschel from Germane Consulting was also on to talk with Dan about NOW Leadership. NOW Leadership is a blog Perschel started on Germane’s website after years of organization development, leadership coaching and psychotherapy. Perschel started the blog to provide insights that could help business leaders face the challenges within their companies.

Listen to hear how Dan and others use their organizations to provide positive leadership, and ease transitions. No matter how big or small they may be.