Authority and Conflict Resolution

In the final segment of the show, Dan talks with two callers on how they solve common problems in their lives. Dan talks with a local nurse and teacher about different authority roles can affect how a conflict is solved.

Lessons on Conflict

In the beginning of the second hour, Dan talks about the possible lessons that arise out of conflict and a new approach to viewing a “bad” situation.

Anna Maravelas Founder of Thera Rising

Author of “How to Reduce Workplace Conflict and Stress” Anna Maravelas was on with Dan to talk about her conflict resolution organization Thera Rising, and how it has helped businesses resolve workplace problems.

Previously on “Everyday Leadership”: Working through Conflicts

Previously on “Everyday Leadership” Dan talked about conflict and resolution at home, work and play. Solving problems seems easy enough, but what about when people aren’t willing to budge? Professor of Public Policy at Harvard University Iris Bohnet was on to talk with Dan about her role with the Program on Negotiation. Founded in 1983, … Continued

Today’s Oxymoron Is: Everyday Charisma

If I were to ask a crowd “what do great leaders have that others don’t seem to,” it surely wouldn’t be very long before someone would say “charisma.” And someone else would say “presence.” You might wonder:  Who has it? Do I have it? Do you have it? And, what the heck is “it,” anyway? … Continued