On “Everyday Leadership”: Reach your Goals Faster and Lead in Tough Times

Recently on “Everyday Leadership” Dan looked into reaching your goals faster and leading through tough situations. Dan talked to Mark Murphy the founder and CEO of Leadership IQ,and a top-rated provider of leadership training for Microsoft, IBM, MasterCard, Merck, and other companies. Murphy was on to discuss his new book “Hard Goals.” A book that … Continued

Trust – How You Can Build it and How I Erode it

Friends, Last week, I offered an exercise for your consideration in the form of two questions: What is it that you are/do that seems to engender trust in others? And what is it that you are/do that may diminish the trust that others have in you. I’ll share my thoughts with you about my sense … Continued

Sally Helgesen and Being a Female Boss

Sally Helgesen is an internationally acclaimed author, speaker, and consultant, and one of the world’s brand-name experts on women’s leadership. In the beginning of the second hour Dan talks to Sally about her book “The Female Vision” and the characteristics of great female bosses.

Kent Lineback Part 4

In the final segment of the hour Dan and Kent talk about the responsibility to manage your networks, your team and yourself. Hear Kent’s response to “Look, I know what it takes to manage. I just don’t want to do it,” a quote from Sterling Livingston, and the importance behind it, if any.

Kent Lineback Part 3

In this segment the three imperatives in “Being the Boss” are outlined on how to become a great boss, and why authority is a two way street.

Kent Lineback Part 2

Kent tells Dan about a character in his booked named “Jason” and the struggles he faces once he is promoted to a management position. In this segment Kent tells you why being the boss isn’t all what it’s cracked up to be.

Being the Boss,Kent Lineback Part 1

The first hour of “Everyday Leadership” Dan talks with Kent Lineback and his new book, “Being the Boss.” In the first segment Kent talks about what makes a competent manager, and working for Sterling Livingston.