On “Everyday Leadership”: Reach your Goals Faster and Lead in Tough Times

Recently on “Everyday Leadership” Dan looked into reaching your goals faster and leading through tough situations.

Dan talked to Mark Murphy the founder and CEO of Leadership IQ,and a top-rated provider of leadership training for Microsoft, IBM, MasterCard, Merck, and other companies. Murphy was on to discuss his new book “Hard Goals.” A book that show’s you how to reach your companies goals faster.

Mary Jo Asmus will also be on to talk to Dan about an executive coaching series for hr.com that she is starting this March. Mary Jo is an executive coach, writer, and business consultant who partners with senior leaders, high potentials, and teams to support them in achieving their goals.

Dan also talked with Mel Grieshaber the Executive Director of Michigan Corrections Organization on the continuing cut’s Michigan Corrections. Dan asked Mel about leading in tough times, and the new goals set for the upcoming year.