Recently on “Everyday Leadership”:Men and Women Working and Buying

Recently on “Everyday Leadership” Dan talked about the different ways men and women work and how they consume. Consider the fact the women make up just over 50% of the U.S. population, and make over 80% of consumer decisions. Dan will have different experts on to discuss why this is, and the differences and similarities … Continued


Friends, I offer you a quote that knocked me over, a manly leadership lesson from it, and a then a more universal leadership lesson. Many – from Boston, hoops nuts, and mostly my age or older – need no introduction to Bill Russell. For the rest, a thumbnail: Bill Russell is a giant – literally … Continued

Coaches and Hard Goals part 2

In the last segment of the show Dan talks about perspective taking and investment. Not investment like money, but our investment with upcoming generation.

Mary Jo Asmus Part 2

How much does leadership coaching cost, or can you get for free? Listen to Mary Jo’s answer’s to these questions in this segment.

Mel Grieshaber Part 2

In the second half of Dan’s interview with Mel, Dan continues his talk on the reductions being made throughout the state personnel.

Mel Grieshaber Part 1

Dan talks with Mel Grieshaber the Executive Director of Michigan Corrections, and they discuss the cuts being made of state workers.

Hard Goals,Mark Murphy Part 2

In the second segment Dan learns the “secret” to really achieving your goals, and why short term goals usually don’t work out in the long run.

Hard Goals, Mark Murphy Part 1

In this segment Dan talks with Mark Murphy on his new book “Hard Goals.” Listen to hear how measurable goals are, if they are realistic, achievable, and what kinds of goals work.