Previously on “Everyday Leadership”: Be Real with Dan Mulhern

On “Everyday Leadership” Dan discussed his new book “Be Real: Inspiring Stories for Leading at Home and Work .” Learn how to lead in diverse situations and what inspired Dan to lead at home and work. Michael Patrick Sheils turned the tables on Dan, interviewing him on his book, and gave listener’s a sneak peek … Continued

Why, I Oughta – and other authority instincts

Why, I Oughta – and other authority instincts Friends, I was working with an office a while back where morale had sunk to awful levels. At one point in a full-group meeting I excused the management team so I could get a no-holds barred airing of the issues. Wham, did I get it! Both barrels. … Continued

The Job Matrix

If you are trying to switch careers or advance at your current job take a look at this week’s guest Mary Zatina’s helpful chart. Job Matrix by Mary Zatina


Last Week: Grab Work by the Horns

Ready, Set Charge! On “Everyday Leadership” get ready to dive right into career advancement. Dan will discuss how you can better yourself in your current position, and we look over the ever evolving work-family balance. Joan Williams, Professor of Law at U.C. Hastings College of Law and author will be on to discuss her book … Continued

Of Passion and Persistence

Of Passion and Persistence Friends, My favorite leaders are those who create something out of nothing. Like Margaux Drake, whom I wrote about last week, an idea stalks them. They keep seeing something that could be better, wondering why  no one’s doing it , and then, as John Madden used to say on Monday Night … Continued

Last Week: Social Entrepreneurship”>clip

This week on “Everyday Leadership” Dan discusses the most amazing kind of leadership: People who create something out of nothing – unless you call a vision “nothing.”  Rick Sperling envisioned Detroit’s – often poor, and publicly disadvantaged – youth dancing and singing, and do they ever, in the Mosaic Youth Theater.  Dan Tenbusch and Mike … Continued

Margaux and Jack Find Their Passions

Margaux and Jack Find Their Passions Friends, At two he was swishing NERF balls in our front foyer on a chair five feet from the plastic hoop…one, two, three…seven times in a row.  I was laughing and cheering and he was giggle-chortling with delight.  He’s 13 now and he’s still got a nice shooting touch. … Continued

Previously on “Everyday Leadership”: Defending and Protecting

What does it take to be a hero? Defending and protecting at the local and national level seem to be taken for granted these days. With 9/11 this weekend the events of that morning will be fresh on many minds. This week on “Everyday Leadership” Dan will be discussing defending and protecting. What is work … Continued