Last Week: Social Entrepreneurship

This week on “Everyday Leadership” Dan discusses the most amazing kind of leadership: People who create something out of nothing – unless you call a vision “nothing.”  Rick Sperling envisioned Detroit’s – often poor, and publicly disadvantaged – youth dancing and singing, and do they ever, in the Mosaic Youth Theater.  Dan Tenbusch and Mike Tenbusch fresh out of law school, at the outset of promising legal careers, were captivated by a vision: young people and their families enriched by youth sports leagues . . . and they grew Think Detroit PAL to serve 10’s of 1000’s of kids.  They’ll join me, as will Margaux Drake, about whom I wrote this week in Reading for Leading.

Margaux Drake will talk about her non-profit The Giving Gardens, an organization that follows the plant-it-forward model,  loosely based off of the pay-it-forward idea. We will learn why she was inspired to spruce up the gardens of Michigan, and how she executes such a task.

Listen in this Saturday to learn how you can get involved in your own backyard, or how others are lending a helping hand.

Here’s an amazing clip of the Mosaic Youth Theatre.