Why Are Some Leaders Better Weight Lifters?

Friends, I strongly recommend you view the video version of today’s Reading for Leading, but if you’d prefer to read, I’ve included the text below the video, as some requested. I don’t recommend a lot of books on leadership but when I do it’s because they have three things: clear ideas, usable ideas, and research-backed … Continued

Today is Mothers Day

Friends, On Mothers Day, is it just my early ’60s-’70s upbringing that makes me think of a very traditional mom?  You know, cooking, hugging, putting on bandages, meeting the bus, cleaning (and making us clean), gardening, and taking grandma to the doctors.  Of course, most moms are still doing that. But 4 of every 5 … Continued

Does It Ever Make Sense for a Leader to Strain?

Friends, Two quick public service announcements before today’s thoughts. On Newsweek’s “My Turn” page today, you’ll find a “letter to my son Jack” that I wrote in response to their cover story last week about the “Beached White Male.” I’d love to hear what you think.  And if you find it worth sharing, please do so. … Continued

Lead With a Drunk Tongue

Friends, It’s pretty hard to look at our economic, cultural, and political world and not feel the strain. And, if you read this on Monday, you might be thinking, “okay, I’ll read a sentence or two quickly, and see if this one’s worth reading.” (I’d  probably do that.) After all, the job is calling. You’ve … Continued

Trust – How You Can Build it and How I Erode it

Friends, Last week, I offered an exercise for your consideration in the form of two questions: What is it that you are/do that seems to engender trust in others? And what is it that you are/do that may diminish the trust that others have in you. I’ll share my thoughts with you about my sense … Continued

Short RFL – Easy Quiz

Short RFL – Easy Quiz Friends, Pop quiz:  What do the following five firms have in common? Ernst & Young Plante & Moran Deloitte Pricewaterhousecooper KPMG Easy, right?  Top accounting firms in the country – in fact the top four, plus Plante & Moran (the great Michigan-based firm – 12th in the country and steadily … Continued