Short Reading for a Short Week of Leading

I’m coming to the end of 14 years of writing Reading for Leading on a weekly basis.

So: Thanks!!!!  Thanks for reading (and perhaps commenting once in a while).  I’m a Myers-Briggs “F” for “feeler,” so for me it’s all about relationship.  Where some people, gratefully, think about the problems, the structure and systems and data, I can’t but help to look at the people.  I hope to help people who want to lead, and lead for the benefit of other people.

I write and sometimes write well, because you read. You make me want to be clear, insightful, and USEFUL.

I appreciate your attention, encouragement, and your suggestions on improvement.

So get outta here and go thank someone who pays attention to your thoughts, ideas, suggestions, and care, and helps you as you help me to

Lead with your best self!


  • Thanks, Dan, for your often thought provoking and challenging posts.
    I used to be in the St. Bede choir with your mother. Hope she is well and as spunky as usual

  • Thank you Dan….you have been a rock in my life. You have made a difference. Hope all is well my friend.. Willie Mayes

  • Thanks Dan, I wanted to share with you that I met you 14 years ago in my hometown of Marquette MI when I was working as an AmeriCorps member and you were visiting NMU. I moved to Nevada 8 years ago and work as a school counselor. Your weekly emails on leadership, life and adjusting to different people have given me the encouragement that I need when dealing with challenges in the work force and life. I also forward your emails to my daughter in Boston and another Michigander who grew up in Flint and works in the corporate world. Thanks for sharing.

  • Baseball says the guy who knows how to “Set-the-Table” leads the team to a win more than not. It’s obvious if you can’t position your team’s men on the bases RBIs don’t come home. So my scouting report on Dan Mulhern isn’t news but found most fans say their scorecards show he modeled a leadership style to make anyone an MVP. You have done it for people you know & others totally unknown, but you’ve influenced all comers nonetheless to lead every time like it’s the final time you get a chance to bat for your team. I was at Tiger Stadium the day Denny McClain won his 30th game – clearly the hallmark of leadership on the field & lucky enough to have attended an event you nurtured called the “Next Great Companies 2008 Summit,” held at the U of M in Ann Arbor, Michigan. At that event our small precision manufacturing company created a business relationship with a well established nationally recognized provider of medical rehabilitation equipment. Within a week, we began manufacturing parts for them and continue that wonderful opportunity now. You “Set-the-Table” that afternoon, showed people jobs can grow right before your eyes, but only if you dare to lead. This is not meant to stroke your ego but just say ‘in. Those were tough days my friend but if you had not helped “Set-the- Table,” back in 2008 my fellow workers may have run out of work to do & lost their jobs & maybe their homes because the business would have very likely folded, but instead we survived & are turning a modest profit today. That event was the turning point. Thanks for all you have done to help so many others too. So take the winter off, you’ve earned it, but something tells me with Spring training on the horizon we will likely all see you once again show a new batch of rookies how to lead with their best selves!

  • Dear Dan,
    I feel truely blessed that I have had the opportunity to receive your weekly readings. They have been encouraging, educational, practical, and inspiring. I first met you at a Leadership Shiawassee luncheon at Baker College in Owosso.
    I want to wish you the best with your future endeavors, I’m sure your calendar is filled!
    May you and your family have a Healthy and Happy 2014!
    Jamie Betz
    HealthPlus of Michigan, Flint

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