On “Everyday Leadership”: Servers-The Faces of the Restaurant Business

What’s it like to be a waitress or waiter? Most are college students trying to pay their way through college, and the fast cash from tips is what many need. Next week we will explore what proper tipping etiquette is, and what it is like to be that happy server 24/7. The customer service industry is a tough one to work in, and a place many of us had our first job in. Listen in next week to hear industry experts discuss the in’s and out’s of working in the restaurant business.

  • Professional Career Waiter…. BEST JOB EVER!
    It’s a REAL job, that earns REAL income, to pay REAL bills, and raise REAL families.
    Yet the American culture will not recognize the professional as a legitmate career of choice no matter how much one can earn… including six-figure incomes!!!
    In the meantime, Make It Fun… Make It Easy… Make Some Money !!!
    Paul C. Paz

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  • Enjoying these posts and always like a good article aimed towards Service. The fuel that runs the engine in our industry. The mindset of a server will determine the experience of the customer and mindset begins at the restaurant management level.

    Chef Mickey

    • Chef Mickey,
      Management’s primary role is creating a culture that works. A great place for “everyday leadership.” Today’s “reading for leading” speaking directly to the issue of “mindset.” http://dev.danmulhern.com/2010/08/whats-it-supposed-to-be-like-today/

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