Leading by 2 – an idea worth spreading

For six years I have been looking at the nature of Leading by Two.  I have been coaching pairs 2-at-a-time, running workshops on great pairs and collaboration, and researching and writing with my LX2 thought partner,  John Gillis.  John and I live it in our work and are convinced of its incredible value.   The TED framework challenged me to reduce it into a compelling 15 minutes.   I would be honored if you would:

Watch, Comment, Like (if you do :-)), and Share.  May it help you to Lead With Your Best Self, and LeadX2!

  • Excellent talk! I’ve been honored to lead in many organizations in various sectors. Whether or not I was able to choose my #1 (leader above) or my #2 (leader I placed beside me), I have always found a co-leader with whom I shared leadership. A colleague with open communication, shared values and loyalty to the mission. We realized the force multiplier of: One voice. One vision. One amazing set of results!

    As a follower of your blogs since your First Gentleman days of Michigan, I thank you.

  • Hey Amy I love this commentary. I think your language is so instructive. That we tend to feel the number one is above us, but we have the option of making our number 2 next to us. That is the heart, the spirit is leading by two. Thanks for waiting in hear! And thank you for your kind words of encouragement.

  • Dan: I thoroughly enjoyed your Ted Talk. I watched it last night, after I saw the posting in my news feed by Jennifer Granholm. I’m encouraged to see anyone giving credit to that all-important dynamic between #1 and #2’s (there may be several). In all my years of work in academia, I found that the most effective professors and teachers were those who credited and praised the work of their assistants and collaborators. Even in politics (perhaps especially in politics) no one stands truly alone on the stage…at least not for long. It was good to see you and your delivery was great.

    Yes, I’m still alive nearly 3,000 days since my transplant — an effort that has more #2’s than I can count!

    • Mick,
      I always enjoy hearing from you. How amazingly awesome that you totally beat the odds! Yayo Mayo!
      “more #2’s than I can count,” and two’s do count!

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