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A reader sent me tremendous, specific feedback last week.  (He thought I injected my political views in ways that distracted from the point about how leaders sometimes have to push people to make hard chocies. And he was right.)  He’s prompted me to seek more feedback to make RFL work for you.   The nature of work, email, and the web are all in flux and I’m wondering how they’re affecting you and how RFL can work better for you. I have created a very short questionnaire. Could I ask you to complete it to improve this product?

Here’s a sweetener.  On Friday we’ll draw 6 random emails from respondents and send each winner a signed copy of Be Real, Everyday Leadership or my wife’s and my soon-to-be-released A Governor’s Story: The Fight for Jobs and America’s Economic Future.

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  • Dan, I reread your last week column to see if it was too partisan. I don’t think so. I’t seemed fact-based and some don’t want to hear facts. I think our citizens’ actions reflect what our leaders are doing…..CEO’s lying about risks of mortages bundled into investments, politicians telling half truths, individual mortage lenders telling folks they can live with unrealistic mortgage payments. Hey, buyer beware! We need to look at how our leaders are failing us. And be reminded how our actions have greater affect, either in work or at home. Or become a nation of the end justifies any means.

  • I, too, went back and re-read the message, and I agree with Elizabeth–not too partisan. I hate to see intelligent, reasonable people be too easily cowed into not expressing their views in these days when goofy, unreasonable people seem to be everywhere!

  • Dear Dan,
    Partisan? Who cares as long as you speak an unbridled truth.
    The debate over raising the debt level was an utter disgrace. Don’t those idiots in congress and the White House realise your nation’s future and reputation was at stake!!!
    What did you get, a tepid compromise that showed a complete lack of leadership from both sides.
    Small government, tax cuts for the rich. Presumably the same rich who get richer exporting your jobs abroad to make their corporations’ profits and their bonuses even bigger. Land of the free and home of the brave? Fat chance, more like Land of the trodden on and Home for the short-sighted opportunist.
    Where the heck is the leadership of a Lincoln or an FDR? Where are the real Leaders who put the good of all the citizens before their own good or the short-term gain of their party?
    Why do the “leaders” get away with it? Surely not because they extol the “american dream”? A dream that became a nightmare when people started thinling “I’m alright Jack, sod the rest of you.”
    If you claim to be Leaders of the free world it’s about time, the Leaders acted like grown up adults and not like a bunch of spoilt brats.
    Well Dan that should get the juices flowing or stir up the natives! Keep on battling on improving lives. Love, Phil

  • Phil,
    Strong views from across the pond! My political view is that when people say “NO,” and truly think they’re doing something noble, and when their leader won’t ask his reasonable followers to follow him, then they’re not much the President can do. It will be interesting to see what happens with this committee and whether the President takes a different tack.
    I hope you’re staying safe with all the craziness in London. What’s your take on it? Does the spark have relevance for what’s happening now? Or is this just youth, entropy, and built up frustration?
    We think of Brits as rather restrained folks. This isn’t fitting our stereotypes so well.

  • Something NOBLE! you must be kidding. Just how blinkered are some of these congressmen and senators? I respectfully suggest they are more interested in screwing the president than serving their country and the president should “tell it like it is” that they are nohing more than narrow minded bigots feathering their own nests. In one breath they want less federal spending in the next they want it for their district or state.
    It may be how Washington politics work but that doesn’t stop in reecking like a cess pit.Maybe it’s time as a canadian song about the war of 1812 puts it “we sailed down to washington and burnt the whole place down” I bet you didn’t think I’d know a thing like that, now did you?
    Any way enough of winding up my colonial cousin. Lead em on to a better tomorrow, Dan, love Phil

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