Goal Setting Resources

Rene asked me in a post if I had any recommendations for time management resources/books. Here are my thoughts, Rene. I welcome others to chime in.

First, I think time management and goal setting are lifelong pursuits. I do it differently year-to-year, trying to hone what works. Here are the two that I would consider the leading candidates when it comes to goal setting resources. I welcome others’ comments:

1. Stephen Covey’s First Things First. As you probably know, he’s now tied in with Franklin (Planner), so there’s both a theory and materials there.  Covey’s a great practical philosopher.

2.  Many people really like David Allen’s Getting Things Done.  Allen’s system is complete and thorough.  A Myers-Briggs STJ would probably LOVE it.  I found it a lot of work. But again, many people swear by what they affectionately call GTD.

That’s a start, I hope!


  • Dan,

    I agree that Covey’s “First Things First” is a great book for time management. I read it about seven years ago, and still apply its principles. Similarly, many of the folks who reviewed it on Amazon.com say things like it’s an “unexpected life changer,” and “inspirational and practical.” I like Covey’s whole thinking and teaching process, and he ties his principles in with a work-life balance as well as faith. I don’t re-read books often, but I may take a second look at it this year.

    I’ll also add David Allen’s book to my list, as you suggest. A quick look at its online reviews also shows it to be a useful, practical approach.

    Thank you for the suggestions.

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