Gentle Leadership

Gentle leadership. It’s not an oxymoron.

Nor is this a contradiction in terms: self leadership.

So, today a simple musing after these two facts. 
1. When you are stressed and stretched, it is nearly impossible to “lead with your best self.” 
2. In this time of severe dislocation, fear, and challenge, everyone I know is stretched and stressed.  I especially feel for the moms and dads who are struggling with little ones and teens – and either worrying about whether they can keep or get work and/or trying to work, while caring for those kids. 

I invite you to care for yourself by asking this question: How can you be gentle with yourself? How can I give me a place to rest, to be held, to be valued, or whatever other rejuvenating expression draws you. Here’s two lists of some things that tend to give such rest – and some that we – or at least I – turn to for short-term release that don’t typically satisfy.

Possibly restful, assuring, energizing Release valves that don’t often get to the heart of the matter nor give rest or insight
Vacation Alcohol
Nature Workaholism
(not all work is good work)
Prayer – meditation Gambling
Total presence with others: a child, children Solitaire! Or other addictions – online or otherwise.
What works for YOU  

What might be the best thing you can do for you? And thus help you 

Lead with your best self!