From Sweeting by Two to Leading by Two


Ten days ago our Connor read his vows to Alexis. And Alexis read hers to Connor.  I know it’s not a word, but they were sweeting!

Ever since, I’ve been reflecting – like a mirror – back and forth from sweeting in love and marriage, to leading in business and partnership.

What I keep thinking is they were reading their mission statements.  Yes, it’s a cold business term. Even colder, more functional, mission is a military term that completely shapes collective effort. But I like the Latin, mitto, mittere, from which the other meanings come: “to send, send forth” and “let go.”

  • Wouldn’t it be awesome if every manager said to their right hand (wo)man:  “This is my mission statement, my vow, to you. This is what I will be and do for you!”
  • And how awesome if we said to our key peer:  “You can count on me to do this, and this, and this for you.”
  • And what if we re-co-mitted – after 5 or 10 or 25 years to our life partners?  What if we “sent (ourselves) forth” again with our spouse – as co-parent, co-grandparent, and child to each other’s parents?  And committed not just to those outside us, but to each other?

What would your mission be to your key partners at work . . . and home? As John Gillis, my co-writer, and I were digging for the essential practices of great pairs, John said, “there is a commitment, an explicit commitment.” It rang so true, as it rang true at this wedding. Commitment is huge.

I so loved that my son and new daughter (in-law and in heart) did not utter anyone’s vows but their own for each other.  This week I’m going to re-write my mission statement for my bride of 33 years. I will send myself forth, and I will let go.

I’m also doing this with my key work pairs to

Lead with my best LX2 self.


  • Very nice insights into the Latin mitto, mittere, and words like commitment. And a wonderful sentiment about the marriage of Connor and Alexis. It would be transformative to have mission statements in business that were commitments to partnerships — “You can count on me to do this, and this, and this for you.” Congrats on your newly expanded family– and expansive thinking. Now, how do we take the next step? I think you will say it starts at home…and with the individual. I’m down with that! Thanks, Dan!

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