Email on Email II


Last week’s email on email overload evoked a flood of responses.  One thing you reminded me of is that breaking bad habits requires awareness and repetition, so today’s short email repeats the same theme, offering you just three simple thoughts on email:

1.  Check out my blogsite:   In response to last week’s email on leadership, there were some GREAT ideas and practical suggestions, too numerous to mention here.  But here’s a sample pair:

2.  Fight the email madness in your role as a sender:  take responsibility for what you send.  Do you really need to “cc” the world?  Remember how busy you are with all this e-mail, and cut others some slack!

3.  Set aside a certain number of times a day and only read your email then.  Time management expert Frank Sanitate on my blog suggested reading email three times a day (and he understands the pressure of his clients, primarily lawyers and CPAs who have to stay in touch with their clients).

You can also tune into my show this Tuesday at 6 PM, EST.  I will have Dr. Meyer from U of M on to discuss his research on multi-tasking and Frank Sanitate to give some practical thoughts on email management in particular and time management in general.  You can hear a live stream from your computer at

Hope this short message helps you to

Lead with your best self,


    • Your RFL item on Global Warming is extremely interesting. The discussion on this topic is worthy of the attention it is getting. The debate on this is even more dramatic when one considers that the obsrvations on climate change are coming from a collection of scientists from across the scientific community. However some of Detroit’s most popular(allegedly) on air radio personalities ridicule those who raise this conversation to a serious level. Like the nayusayers in the Bible who laughed at Noah when he built the Ark one wonders if current doubters on climate issues will be wearing life jackets when the rains come again.

      Jim Amar

  • re: Global Warming: there were two interesting issues raised in news-type shows on television last week. 1) melting of the polar icecap and losses of a certain type of penguin which survives only on food that is found under the ice. No ice, no food, certain death to that penguin type. 2) disappearance of honey bees; the experts do not yet know what has happened to deplete the number of bees but the loss has severally impacted not just honey production but the fertilization of many flowers, etc. I shall not be surprised if the bee loss is somehow connected with global warming but await the word from the experts. Scary stuff, I think!

  • Thanks for adding to the widespread well-earned praise of Al Gore’s leadership. When hundreds of thousands have read his new book, The Assault on Reason, due to be published May 22, we’ll see a growing demand that he be our Presidential nominee next year. With his experience in Congress, the Clinton White House, and world affairs, he’s WELL qualified to provide the kind of principled leadership our country desperately needs.

  • It is interesting that the IPCC finally published their report. What is more interesting is that the BBC aired a program featuring prominent scientists that were part of the IPCC who disagreed with the findings that CO2 drives global warming and presented evidence to support their beliefs, only to be ignored by the IPCC…yet it wanted to continue to list them as contributors to the final report. One actually had to sue to get his name removed. The BBC program is an hour long. I watched a short then the long version on YouTube…

    I continue to wonder about the truth of Global Warming..

  • My mom sent me an e-mail with information about global warming. I agree that Al Gore deserves thanks among many others who have made people arware of the state the world is in.

    But I would like to add. Gore’s voice and other top leaders voices would be heard a lot louder if we could see them taking steps themselves. Instead of using limo’s and such I would like to see them walk a little more or using cars that are envorionment friendly. I mean what does Gore drive up in when he is going to speak about Global Warming? Are we supposed to use less engergy and get different cars and not those who are rich and powerful? If they could help set the example I think things would move a lot faster!

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