Inner Freedom at 81st and Broadway

Inner Freedom at 81st and Broadway Friends, I was running in New York City two weeks ago. Up and down Central Park’s hills (yes, it’s hilly in the middle of Manhattan!) The teeming life caused me to overrun my stamina, so I wearily began ambling home – west and about 30 blocks south from the … Continued

This Week On “Everyday Leadership” Radio

This week, we’ll be discussing unions and organized labor from all different angles and industries.  Dan will also be talking to experts about right-to-work laws and the possible impact they would have on labor. Guests for the show include Bill Borch (president of the Tri-County Building Trades Council and business agent for the Saginaw office … Continued

I Blew it on Independence Day

I Blew it on Independence Day Friends, A few years back I wrote – boasted? – that I was going to work on my repetitive behavior patterns, “because too often I repeat irritations, avoidances, and misunderstandings.” And then the following week, on the 4th of July, I completely missed a chance to do so. I … Continued