A Short Tender Story of Leading By Two

Today’s story is short and stands on its own – a tender example of LeadingX2:

James Addison Baker III, was George H.W. Bush’s longtime friend, chief of staff and secretary of state.  Bush had been close to Baker who was only forty when Baker’s first wife had died, and was with Bush last week, as the former president fell ill. According to the New York Times, Bush had been “fading for days…When his friend Jim Baker showed up yesterday morning [Friday, November 30], he perked up.

“‘Where are we going, Bake?’ he asked.

“‘We’re going to heaven,’ Baker answered.

“‘That’s where I want to go,’ Bush said.

That morning Baker held Bush’s hand and rubbed his feet for nearly a half-hour.  He left during the day but came back and was present when Bush died.”

LeadingX2 at its best – trusting . . . loving.

  • 41’s passing recollected my privileged experience to serve in his Dept of Education and perhaps the most ethical, competent, fun and consequential administration of the last several decades. R.I.P.

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