A Reading for Leading as Short as a Christmas Elf

Your Key Task on December 11 is . . . to implement Mulhern’s First Law:*  Always Think From Right to Left.  Right, in this case, is December 31.  It is just twenty days away. What do you and your key peeps really want or need to accomplish by then?

8 of those days are holidays or weekends, so that leaves 12 days.  Hmmm, On the 12th  Day of Christmas, my true love…

Just twelve days.  It is what it is.

So, what do you need to do by New Years?  Maybe make a list today, both to motivate you to achieve what’s important and to also prioritize so that your Inner Critic doesn’t hound you and your people with ridiculous demands that spoil an otherwise  wonderful season.

Lead with your best,


*Mulhern’s First Law was written, voted on, and signed into law … all by me. I recommend having a First Law. It makes you feel self-important and then immediately triggers a laugh of humility!

  • By Jan 15 i need to be ready to announce a yoga and coaching workshop so by about Dec 31/Jan 7 i need to have the details in writing.

  • I need to work on my book I need it to be finished. I know if I don’t get it done and something was to happen to me then the truth will be buried forever.

    And I like Mulhern’s First Law! 🙂

  • I won’t worry yet about a recheck on a woman’s issue at Beaumont on the 8th. I’ll try to make it pass Christmas before I worry.

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