Back to Leadership Basics in This Time of Danger

I have always written R2L for “everyday leaders,” because the functions of leadership can be served by anyone. You can lead up or across, as well as “down.” And you can lead in classes, neighborhoods and homes, as well as in business. Today, I share some thoughts I shared over the weekend with a handful … Continued

Leader – Ask Why is this Happening FOR me?

  I’m becoming like my old man who couldn’t assemble anything physical but loved to take words apart and put them back together. I wish I’d taken Greek as he had in seminary, and that I had paid closer attention during Latin class. I was wondering about Covid-19….We all know that “co” means “together” or … Continued

What’s their reaction behind your back?

Dan has been writing Read2Lead weekly since March 1, 2000. Twenty years! A new era of Read2Lead begins today, with Dan’s partner Laura Andersen, weighing in. She will now periodically contribute, as they lead by two! The topic is right on point. In a recent post, Dan described his experience speaking to students as their … Continued

A Different Leadership Lens on the Presidential Election”

[If you are fed up with politics, I think you, especially, should read this, but I certainly understand if you don’t. For my part, I think we need to keep speaking and listening, and not falling into all the same divisive traps. If we are connected, you may have read an earlier version of this … Continued