How to be a December Leader

What would you say is the #1 leadership characteristic?  Not necessarily what will gain recognition from others, but what you should focus upon to achieve greatness? And in particular what would you focus on NOW – in the waning days of November? For me, the answer is easy: Perseverance.  In January, I’d say: do the … Continued

Everyday Leaders Spend the Currency of Courage

Ron Heifetz writes that “attention is the currency of leadership.” And Jim Kouzes and Barry Posner say, “credibility is the currency of leadership.” I agree with my friends and mentors that leaders pay attention and they build up their credibility for when they’ll need to spend it down. But perhaps “courage” is the golden currency … Continued

Leaders Don’t Need Self-Esteem

One of the enormous joys of teaching at a university is that students appear with passion to learn, grow, and become. I can sense it in my classroom of 65 and in the mega-class that holds 700.  But I especially feel it during office hours or my weekly lunches with students. They are wisdom seekers, … Continued