2018 What Will Make the Next YEARS Better

I sent out a short list of good books from 2018 on Friday. You can read my mini-reviews and click the links here. With this Read2Lead, I finish 2018. By the next time I write, my niece Erin will have given birth. Her amazing Maximus will have a brother or sister. Her kids won’t know … Continued

Books that Have Been Gifts to Me 2018

Here’s a short list of books I’ve enjoyed, separated into a few categories: 1.  Being your best self. Anne Lamott, Almost Everything: Notes on Hope. I would describe Anne Lamott as a seeker, seer, and humorist. She always brings me to an awakened sense of, “Oh, right! That’s what matters.” She tells the hard truth she has … Continued

A Short Tender Story of Leading By Two

Today’s story is short and stands on its own – a tender example of LeadingX2: James Addison Baker III, was George H.W. Bush’s longtime friend, chief of staff and secretary of state.  Bush had been close to Baker who was only forty when Baker’s first wife had died, and was with Bush last week, as … Continued