Can You Help Me Help You

I have felt confused and disappointed for the last three weeks, when I wrote the 3-part series on how to clear the air with “I feel…when you…because” statements, and when I did not get any comments from readers; because I feel like this method offers so much value, yet your collective silence made me wonder … Continued

Leaders Clear the Air – Part 3 of 3

Recap of the last two weeks:  This series is about how to clear the air with an important work or home partner. Part One spoke to the importance of standing up for yourself when a partner has hurt the relationship, but also recognizing that it is your problem and opportunity-responsibility to raise the issue…until you … Continued

Leaders Clear the Air – second in a series

Last week I wrote about the need each of us has from time to time to clear the air, to get something off our chest that is creating stress for us, and likely diminishing trust, enthusiasm and collaboration for work with a key colleague – or friend or family member. In that first blog, I … Continued

Leaders Clear the Air – first in a series

  Today a combined Reading for Leading and LeadingX2 (leading by two).    I will keep this reasonably short by introducing a topic, two steps, and then continuing next week. In any strong partnership there come times when you need to “clear the air.”  Your partner cuts you off while you’re speaking (again), or cuts … Continued

How to Lead in Another Crazy Week

This past week seemed to rival if not surpass the divisive madness that followed Trump’s election, or the intense emotion of the hanging chads after the Bush-Gore election.  I offer a big picture and an observation of some truly amazing everyday leadership. Big picture.  We all need to take it down a notch!  Our feelings … Continued