SEX abuse and leadership – observations and a plea

With the Cosby, Trump, Franken, Moore, Louis CK, Weinstein, Ailes, Conyers, Rose…outrages alive and festering, all of us in families and other organizations have a chance to learn and do better.  The lessons pertain to sex, power and yet go beyond these.  For reflection: Power infects and power protects the offenders. If the men listed … Continued

Leadership Thanks and Giving

I pulled together a dinner at a restaurant last week.  It was a reunion for friends who had attended a life-planning retreat ten years ago. And it was also a fundraiser for one of that cohort, Kelly Rossman-McKinney, who will make an awesome Michigan State Senator. We interrogated and advised Kelly, and we passed her … Continued

Why is Initiative So Rare?

This week I experienced a “first” in nearly 30 semesters of teaching “leadership” at University of California Berkeley. A student led other students to meet as a group outside the class schedule.  It may not sound like a big deal, but see why it was . . . for what it says about initiative. I … Continued

Who is Leading You?

John Gillis and I have a draft of an article on Leading by Two.  We have been leading each other to get here.  Now, we’ve asked a handful of people to read what we have written and help “lead” us to make it better.  It’s one of those “be careful what you wish for” situations … Continued